Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart
Madison Stewart

You're deep underwater, alone and a five metre tiger shark is heading straight towards you.

What do you do?

If you're 18-year-old Madison Stewart, you take your video camera up to your eye and begin filming. In her quest to save the dwindling shark numbers in our oceans, she bought an underwater camera at 14, dived into the deep blue and has been filming sharks ever since.

Madison hopes that by documenting these widely feared animals, she'll raise awareness of the troubling issues they face and change the misguided public opinion that surrounds them.

Why does she feel it's up to her to do all this? "I may be young, but I will be the one who is around to see the effects of what is decided by the adults now. So I should have more say than anyone."

It's a point that's hard to argue against and there's no doubt she's making her voice heard. Her films have already been used by conservation groups worldwide and sent to the Australian Parliament to help lobby for the protection of sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.

With this kind of passion and drive to save the plight of sharks, it's no wonder she calls them her family. And like anyone else with a family, she'll do whatever it takes to save them.

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